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Research on Subjective Quantity Expression and Focus Expression Function of Modal Adverb “Jiu” in Modern Chinese

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.162


Chunhong Qi

Corresponding Author

Chunhong Qi


This paper uses experimental phonetics to prove that the modal adverb “jiu 2” which expresses a strong subjective attitude must be the focus, indicating a great subjective quantity, and the modal adverb “jiu 1” which expresses confirmation is often used as the focus, and its subjective quantity of expression is not as strong as “jiu 2”. The subjective quantities of the adverb “jiu” are in the following order: the adverb “jiu” expressing the limited scope, the modal adverb “jiu” expressing confirmation, and the modal adverb “jiu” expressing the subjective attitude. The paper points out that the research on “subjective quantity” should not stop at the increment and decrement of quantity, but should really explore the strength and weakness of the speaker’s subjective attitude and semantic weight, which is the more comprehensive metalinguistics additivity.


Subjective quantity; Focus; “Jiu”; Metalinguistics additivity