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Design of College English Literature Course Based on Network Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.161


Ye Yu

Corresponding Author

Ye Yu


The literature course was once one of the main courses in English teaching, but now its importance is gradually weakening. Through the analysis of this phenomenon, this paper proposes to reform the teaching of adult English literature in the network environment. First, we must improve the teaching content and change the original traditional teaching materials. Second, we should improve the learning environment, use advanced online education technology to provide more high-quality learning resources, and guide adult learners to master and adopt appropriate learning methods. The third is to respect the individual differences, encourage learners to actually get the literary experience, enhance the humanistic quality in the true sense, and abandon the learning concepts of the past. This paper takes the disorder of college English classroom teaching as the starting point in the teaching reform mode, and strives to construct an ecological college English classroom teaching optimization framework based on empirical and speculative. The research results of this paper have practical reference and reference value for improving the quality of college English classroom teaching under the current network environment and improving the teaching reform model. It has a certain promotion effect on the concept of lifelong learning and teacher development.


English Literature; Network Environment; Instructional Design