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A Brief Discussion on ‘Translation Workshop of TCM’

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.160


Wenjuan Guo, Min Zhong, Wenjin Shi and jing Yu

Corresponding Author

Wenjuan Guo


With further development of economic society, people have a constantly increasing demand to enhance their own abilities. Seeking for a more efficient and flexible learning way has become a tendency, therefore, all kinds of workshops involving in various fields emerge. Meanwhile, in a long period of time, more frequent international exchanges and cooperations concerning TCM culture and urgent demand for highly qualified translators in the market both contribute to the progress of translation workshop teaching mode which emphasizes on communication and autonomy. In this essay, through a brief discussion on development course of translation workshop, we will better understand exploration process of translation teaching mode of TCM. Understanding the development venation of translation workshop is beneficial to the concrete implementation of translation teaching mode of TCM. At the same time, it is meaningful for universities of TCM to adopt new teaching mode. It also helps promote popularization of translation workshop teaching in translation learning of TCM, and meet the demand of continuously growing market, finally.


Translation workshop; Translation of TCM; Development process; Teaching exploration