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On Physical Training Methods for Athletes in Promotion of Campus Football

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.149


Jie Geng

Corresponding Author

Jie Geng


With the rapid development of social economy in China and the continuous improvement of its comprehensive strength, sports industry in China has also made significant breakthroughs. Our country pays more and more attention to the development of football, and vigorously supports and develops campus football to strengthen the physique of students. Up to now, the development of football in our country is not satisfactory. On the one hand, the physical level of football players in our country is relatively low. Youth football players are the reserve force for the development of football in our country. The state and effect of physical training of campus football players determine their physical level. Junior and senior high school athletes are in the critical period of adolescent stage which is the critical period for the development of athletes' quality. Coaches should seize this period and formulate physical training plans for school football players according to their physical and mental development characteristics to develop their physical level and promote the level of football in our country. Football is the mainstream sport nowadays, which is widely concerned in the society. Campus football is the collective name of all kinds of activities related to football on campus. It is of great significance to develop football for enhancing the physical fitness of teenagers, enriching students' extracurricular life and cultivating their teamwork spirit. Physical training is extremely important in the training of football players on campus. Physical training for football players can not only improve students' physical fitness, but also provide a large number of excellent players for the development of football in China. The physical training level of football players is closely related to their competitive level, so higher requirements for the physical training of campus football players are put forward in our country. Although our country often holds football league matches in the middle school stage, there is still a big gap between our students in middle school and those in the western countries in football technology and physical quality. In order to improve the competition skills of our school football players, effective measures are needed to carry out in physical training for campus football players to promote the development of football in China [1].


Campus football; Athletes; Physical training