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Research on Business English Teaching with Multimedia Network

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.147


Yongqiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Yongqiang Wang


This paper analyzes the feasibility and necessity of Business English teaching with the assistant of multimedia network, and expatriates on the advantages of applying the multimedia network to Business English teaching. This paper p robes into the construction of the Business English teaching models from the view of multimedia network, and expecting to provide a new way to imp rove the practice of Business English teaching. With the rapid development of information technology, multimedia technology has been widely used in business English teaching. Multimedia network business English teaching has many unique advantages such as multimedia integration, cross-platform resource sharing, individualized learning, interaction and distance teaching. It brings a new prospect for business English teaching and broadens the thinking for the reform of business English teaching mode under the new situation. Compared with traditional teaching methods, multimedia teaching method has irreplaceable advantages in many aspects. It is complementary and balanced with traditional teaching methods, and plays a role in business English teaching that many traditional teaching methods cannot have. Therefore, the construction of a new business English teaching model under multimedia and network environment is worth our discussion.


Multimedia; Network; Business English Teaching