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Cognition and Transformation from the Perspective of Criticism —— A Brief Discussion on Qichang Dong's Comments on Mengfu Zhao

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.145


Zhiming Yu

Corresponding Author

Zhiming Yu


The comment of Qichang Dong on Mengfu Zhao has always been a hot topic in the research of Qichang Dong. Shizhen Wang called Mengfu Zhao "the ancient times of two Wang and the atmosphere of a new generation". This comment was also supported by many Ming Dynasty calligraphers. However, contrary to the general trend, Qichang Dong has put forward fierce criticism on Mengfu Zhao. At the same time, in his fierce criticism, who also expressed his approval of Mengfu Zhao. Many scholars have not made a detailed investigation, therefore, all kinds of doubts left by Qichang Dong in his comments need to be verified by us.


Qichang Dong; Mengfu Zhao; Criticism; transmutation