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Promotion of Xi’anese Cultural Confidence from the Cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.143


Xiu-Zhi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiu-Zhi Zhang


Xi’an is the most influential ancient city in Chinese history, with a profound cultural background of capital founding. This paper aims at studying the promotion of Xi’anese cultural confidence so as to enhance the sense of identity and affiliation of its people to the city, and to establish the unique features of Xi’anese culture, its core is, through their cultural confidence and their sense of pride, to make Xi’anese love Xi’an, popularize Xi’an and develop Xi’an in order to further upgrade Xi’an’s international reputation and to make contributions towards the realization of Xian's dream.


Xi’an; Cultural Perspective; Cultural Confidence; Cultural Factors