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Deepening the Reform of Classroom Teaching and Promoting the Exploration and Practice of Classroom Rate

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.139


Fang Qin

Corresponding Author

Fang Qin


The content of classroom teaching is abstract and embarrassing, which will make students lose interest and their minds leave the classroom. The teaching method is single and the teaching mode is boring, which will make students no longer pay attention to the classroom; the traditional teaching methods that teachers follow the rules will also make students distracted.Students lack ideals, have no clear learning goals, and have weak self-control skills. The same is true of the above-mentioned people.The too simple method of course assessment will also lead to the problem of low head-up rate. This paper mainly analyzes the expressions, causes and solutions of students with low head-up rate from students and teachers. Students improve from external constraints and internal motivation. Students' classroom attention, teachers need to continuously strengthen their business capabilities, teaching innovation ability to attract students to the classroom, and constantly improve the classroom rate.


Teaching Reform; Classroom Head-Up Rate; Classroom Quality