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The Mixed Teaching Design and Implementation of Character Original Painting Design

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.137


He Feng

Corresponding Author

He Feng


With the rapid development of society, the relationship between teaching and learning is changing. With the development of the information age, the mutual cooperation between the traditional face-to-face teaching mode and the online learning mode has become more and more common in college teaching. Students have expanded the depth and breadth of their knowledge through the integration of online information and their theoretical knowledge system. For teachers, the mixed teaching model on the one hand improves the work efficiency of teachers and integrates teaching content, which can not only play a role in guiding, inspiring and monitoring the teaching process, but also ensure the initiative and enthusiasm of students in learning. On the other hand, it puts forward higher requirements for teaching design. In the whole course design process, we should not only focus on improving learning efficiency, but also should cultivate students' personalized learning results, and perfect and attach importance to the construction of reasonable course evaluation system. The course of character original painting design by analyzing the talent training objective of digital media art major, determines the teaching objective of this course. Centering on students' personalized learning and development, taking students' learning output as the guidance, taking ability cultivation as the main line, combining offline face-to-face teaching with online learning organically, selecting teaching strategies, developing course evaluation methods and the course continuous improvement measures. Effectively help students to realize the synchronous improvement of knowledge and ability. Take the practical project as the starting point, integrate the knowledge points into the practical project, and let students find, analyze and solve problems in the process of hands-on practice.


Mixed teaching; Design