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English Language Teaching Methods Based on the Idea of Production, Study and Research

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.135


Kun Yang

Corresponding Author

Kun Yang


As a pure language subject, English attaches great importance to the teaching of English language. Language teaching naturally occupies a very important position in English teaching. But by the actual situation of English teaching for schools after extensive investigation, we can easily find there are certain problems in English teaching, especially English language teaching problems stand out, this has to a large extent affected the quality of English teaching and the students' English language learning effect. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of English language teaching, it is necessary to clarify the existing problems in language teaching and change the teaching mode and method according to the actual learning situation of students. Due to its comprehensive practicality, the concept of industry-university-research has attracted much attention in recent years. This concept has been gradually applied to various fields, and even permeated into daily teaching. Based on the actual situation of English language teaching, this paper firstly makes a brief analysis on the current situation and problems of English language teaching, and then puts forward the strategies and methods of English language teaching based on the idea of industry-university-research.


Industry-University-Research Concept; English Subject; Language Teaching; Strategic Approach