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Construction of Evaluation Standards for the Theory of Physical Education Masters in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.129


Yang Li

Corresponding Author

Yang Li


This paper adopts the methods of literature, questionnaire, expert interview, mathematical statistics and other research methods, with three combinations (combination of professional characteristics and training objectives, combination of quantitative evaluation and qualitative evaluation, summarization evaluation and formation). As a guiding ideology, the evaluation is based on the evaluation indicators, evaluation subjects, evaluation methods and evaluation methods, and constructs a set of standards for the evaluation of theoretical courses for sports masters in ordinary universities. The new “evaluation criteria” mobilize students' enthusiasm for learning, improve the objectivity of evaluation, contribute to the development of good study style, and help improve students' learning ability. The main shortcomings are: the understanding of the concept of curriculum evaluation is too broad; the evaluation of the curriculum implementation process is not enough; the theoretical research of curriculum evaluation is separated from the practice. It provides a reference for the development of evaluation standards for the theoretical courses of sports masters.


Colleges and Universities; Master's Degree in Sports; Theoretical Class; Evaluation Criteria