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The Transformation of Consumer Demand and Marketing Methods in the Era of Popularization of Smart Phones

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.126


Jujun Feng

Corresponding Author

Jujun Feng


The gradual development of social economy and the progress of science and technology makes the application of smart phones more popular, all of people's consumption demand and has had a profound influence to enterprise's marketing, in order to meet the new era of smartphones under the popularization, promoting good sales of enterprise products, enterprises must strive to change the marketing way, keep the competitiveness of the good, only so can not be eliminated by the social economy. The popularization of mobile phones in the consumer demand performance is mainly personalized consumer demand, in the marketing performance is mainly reflected in the marketing concept and marketing methods. Based on the smart phone consumption characteristics, on the basis of a simple comparison with the traditional consumption, and on the basis of using the K - meansS algorithm, analyses the smartphone to popularize a new era of consumption demand of concrete under a change of direction, and how to promote the development of marketing under the influence of mobile intelligent, puts forward some Suggestions to better promote the change of marketing, promote the wider smartphone rapid economic development of The Times.


Smart phone; Consumer Demand; Marketing Methods; K - means Algorithm