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Creating Learning Opportunities is an Inevitable Requirement to Improve the Teaching Quality of University Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.125


Jingqin Hu

Corresponding Author

Jingqin Hu


Under the background of "Internet + education", it is emphasized that learning opportunity is the inevitable requirement for implementing educational reform concept and improving teaching quality. This paper discusses the meaning and two existing forms of learning opportunity, forms the creation mechanism of learning opportunity, and puts forward the strategies and ways of creating learning opportunity. In view of the current situation of university professional course teaching, the implementation scheme of university course teaching system using MOOC learning opportunity is designed. In the MOOC online learning link, students conduct MOOC video learning in advance, communicate and learn in the problem discussion area, and complete the corresponding MOOC homework. In the off-line classroom practice teaching, teachers adopt the "three-level cycle" organic operation mode, combining with students' MOOC learning feedback, and carry out targeted classroom teaching from the new knowledge teaching module, the comparative teaching module to the comprehensive teaching module. This teaching mode, by using MOOC platform, creates suitable learning opportunities, broadens students' horizons, mobilizes learning initiative, weakens the negative impact of the network, overcomes the difficulties of classroom teaching, improves learning efficiency, obtains good teaching effect, and can be further developed, popularized and applied.


Learning opportunities; University courses; Teaching quality