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Safety of Teaching and Training of Large-scale Vehicle Ice and Snow Driving in Cold Regions in Winter

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.123


Long Lee, Yuehua Wu and Chao Gao

Corresponding Author

Long Lee


The importance of the safety in teaching and training of large-scale vehicle ice and snow driving is clarified. According to the characteristics of winter ice and snow driving teaching and training in cold regions, the causes of safety accidents in teaching and training are analyzed, and the countermeasures for the safety of teaching and training of Large-scale Vehicles in ice and snow driving are carried out.With the increase of teaching and training workload, the training requirements and training difficulty are increasing, and affected by many conditions such as personnel quality, vehicle technical status, terrain, roads, climate, etc. It may cause various accidents. In the cold region, the winter temperature is low, the cold period is long, the wind and snow are thick, the snow is thick, the icing period is long, the frozen soil layer is thick, and the road is easily blocked. These extreme conditions are organized in the cold area to teach and train. The big impact has increased many safety hazards. If it is not solved well, it will reduce the training effect and even cause casualties and vehicles damage. Therefore, in the winter and winter large-scale vehicle ice and snow driving teaching training, training safety as an important factor affecting the teaching effect must be paid enough attention to the participants of the college teaching and training activities.


Cold regions; Snow and Ice; Teaching and Training; Large-scale Vehicles