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Constructing a Functional Modular Curriculum System for Cultivating Undergraduate Innovative and Creative Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.113


Gaili Gao

Corresponding Author

Gaili Gao


In deep analysis of interdisciplinary cases at home and abroad, and in view of the defects of general rules or methods that cannot be found in the interdisciplinary cases for undergraduate education and teaching, an education program of "constructing functional modular course + multi-course integration experiment" for undergraduate education and teaching is presented to facilitate the cultivation of compound talents with innovation and creativity in this paper. The functional modular course is based on engineering, that is, it is proposed on the basis of analyzing the essence of engineering problems. The knowledge elements of each functional module constitute the knowledge system of "line" type structure, which can solve the "point" problems in engineering independently. The multiple functional modules are organically integrated to solve complex technical problems in engineering. The multi-course integration experiment is corresponding to the functional modular course. It extracts the core knowledge elements of the functional modular course, and further refines the practical elements from the core knowledge elements with the thinking mode of engineering application. The appropriate combination of the functional modular course and multi-course integration experiment can realize the seamless connection of theory and practice. The education program can cultivate high-level innovative and creative technical talents with interdisciplinary disciplines.


Functional Modular Course; Multi-course Integration Experiment; Innovation; Interdisciplinarity