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Incentive Oriented Research on the Management Policy of Horizontal Project Funds in Local Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.108


Yan Bao

Corresponding Author

Yan Bao


To assess the comprehensive strength of a university, we should not only look at its own discipline construction, talent introduction, research team research and development ability, and cultivate students' comprehensive quality, but also look at the contribution made by the school in serving local social development and economic construction. And the best basis to judge all this is to look at the size of the horizontal project project funding that the school received. With the development of science and technology in our country, the scale and proportion of the horizontal project funding in the scientific research funds of colleges and universities are getting larger and larger. Of course, on the whole, most universities can correctly implement the national financial and economic policies and school regulations, strictly supervise and regulate the use of horizontal scientific research funds, so as to ensure the rapid development of horizontal scientific research. Cannot be denied, however, there are also considerable understanding with transverse scientific research management in colleges and universities does not reach the designated position, or management system is not perfect in itself, or to his casual attitude cause transverse scientific research funds management confusion, serious impact on the research work smoothly, some even derivative discipline and corruption, therefore, paid close attention to and strengthen the horizontal scientific research management and use of funds, improve the efficiency of using scientific research funds to ensure the healthy development of the scientific research work in colleges and universities is imperative. In view of the prominent problems existing in the management of horizontal scientific research funds in local universities, this paper puts forward some countermeasures and Suggestions from the aspects of various funds management policies.


Horizontal project; Local universities; Management of funds; Management policy