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The Construction of Golden Courses of Computer Basic Courses under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.106


Weigang Guo, Jianqin Xie, Xiaohua Li and Qiuming Lin

Corresponding Author

Weigang Guo


At present, China's colleges and universities are carrying out Emerging Engineering Education construction. One of the most important contents is to strengthen the intersection and integration of computer technology and various engineering specialties. In order to cultivate students' computational thinking and information literacy, the classroom has become a very important link. This paper studies and practices the methods used in the classroom teaching process of computer basic course from three aspects. First is integrating the new information technology with the characteristics of the major to build the classroom teaching content. Second is paying attention to the operation logic of classroom cases and cultivate students' overall view of solving problems. Third is improving the classroom teaching mode, and build a pleasant, efficient and personalized classroom. And teachers encourage students to participate in classroom communication, improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems with computers. From the aspects of content, operation method and implementation technology, this paper explores a method to construct an "Golden Courses" of computer basic courses, and achieved good results.


Emerging engineering education; Basic computer courses; Golden courses; Teaching content; Teaching mthod