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The Practice of Education and Teaching Reform under the Background of Private "First-Class" Specialty Construction--Take the E-commerce Major of Xi'an Fan Yi University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.104


Xiaolan Feng

Corresponding Author

Xiaolan Feng


The important discussion on the formation of the national education conference is to do a good job in the programmatic literature of the new era of education, which points out the direction for the development of China's higher education.According to the spirit of the congress and the characteristics of the college of engineering and technology ofXi'an Fan Yi University,We should strengthen the leadership of the party, uphold the principle of cultivating talents with moral integrity, innovate personnel training, actively promote education and teaching reform, accelerate the construction of "first-class" majors in e-commerce, and strive to cultivate high-quality application-oriented senior professionals in e-commerce that adapt to regional economic development.


First-class specialty; Education and teaching; The electronic commerce