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Modern Development of Calligraphy Aesthetic Paradigm in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.103


Dianshuang Xie

Corresponding Author

Dianshuang Xie


The ultimate root of the changes in these phenomena and concepts in the calligraphy paradigm of the new era is the change of the aesthetic mechanism under the social transformation, the change of the identity of the calligraphers, and the fundamental changes in the way the readers look at the works. This transformation is not only a relationship between calligraphers, calligraphers and works, but also a fundamental change in the relationship between social individuals. The "multiple comprehensive paradigm" of calligraphy aesthetics in the new era as an artistic representation is actually an external representation of the "new era" turn of Chinese society. This article puts forward suggestions on the future direction of Chinese calligraphy in the perspective of the calligraphy aesthetic paradigm. Faced with the changes in the social structure brought about by the impact of science and technology, China should rethink and interpret traditions and face the multiple presentations of future calligraphy with a more open and inclusive attitude.


Calligraphy; aesthetic paradigm; art sociology; modernity development