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Teaching Reform Mode of "3 + 1" Multiple Physical Education in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.094


Wensheng Huang

Corresponding Author

Wensheng Huang


At present, college students are not interested in sports. They are happy to play online games and live in their dormitories. The frequency of self sports is low, and their basic physical qualities such as strength, speed, endurance and flexibility are poor, which is reflected in the low rate of reaching the standard, the low rate of excellence in the test of national students' physical health standard, and the more below average physical education scores. In view of this phenomenon, "3 + 1" diversified physical education teaching reform mode is introduced experimentally, among which "3" refers to the ternary combination of general physical education compulsory course, elective course and after-school independent exercise, "1" refers to competition training course, which aims to participate in inter university physical education competition and trains students with physical education specialty. Through the exploration and research of "3 + 1" multiple teaching reform mode on the positive promotion of college physical education, the organic conjunction of teaching and learning is explored, the enthusiasm of college students to participate in sports is promoted, the fun brought by sports is enjoyed, the physical quality and will are improved, and the education idea of health first and the good living habit of being diligent in sports are established.


Multiple teaching mode; physical education reform; sports health