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Relationship between China's Space Decoration Design Industry and Market Development

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.092


Mingjun Wang and Tingting Zhao

Corresponding Author

Mingjun Wang


With the gradual improvement of living standards and quality, human beings have begun to put forward higher requirements for the living environment. Especially in today's society where material life is extremely rich and advocates cultural life and natural environment, the original people's requirements for space architecture not only stay at the basic requirements of dwelling, but also hope to make the living environment better. The natural environment, the spatial connotation that highlights the cultural connotation, individuality and artistry is the most desirable living environment for the masses. In addition, with the development of modern technology, many new decorative materials are flooding the market, and new decorative materials show their various advantages in color, shape, texture, pattern and artistic effect. There are also a wide range of technology decorative materials products with sound and optoelectronic fusion, which requires designers to have the thinking and innovative ideas of the times. In the space decoration, we need to keep up with the pace of the society, follow the trend of the times, and transcend the thinking and creativity to create space decoration work for people, and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of interior space design. In contrast to the design styles and trends in the market, combined with the regional and regional culture, it is in line with social development and market demand for people to create space decoration works with cultural connotations and creative personality. Space decoration is a part of the development of architectural history, which can reflect the portrayal of the development of market economy in an era. The design of space decoration should give the mission and responsibility of innovation. It is necessary to improve the designer's creative level and social competitiveness of space decoration. Only in this way can the space decoration work be closer to the social market development law, and the space decoration industry can be better developed on the basis of market development.


Space decoration; creative design; market development; mutual relationship