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Correlation Analysis between Internet and Non-agricultural Employment of Rural Labor Force in China

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.091


Tingting Tan

Corresponding Author

Tingting Tan


China's rural areas have a large number of people need employment, to solve the employment problem is the top priority of the Chinese government. However, due to the reduction of arable land area, the change of agricultural production mode and the change of labor force employed population, the rural non-agricultural labor force population is surging. How to obtain employment for this part of labor force has become an urgent social problem. The interest of the Internet has created many jobs and provided many employment opportunities. Therefore, whether the Internet will have a positive impact on the non-agricultural employment of rural labor force in China, or what factors will have an associated effect with the Internet to promote the employment of rural labor force? This paper conducts an empirical analysis on this issue, and the results show that the age, gender, education level and marital status of the rural labor force in China are closely related to it, which will also provide Suggestions for the Chinese government to put forward policies on sex.


Internet; Rural labor force; Off-farm population