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Analyze of the State of Landscape Design Education in China's Higher Art Design Colleges under the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.090


Xiaoyi Hu and Yuxin Wei

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyi Hu


China has entered the new era of rapid development of information, social economy and national urban environment construction. The high demand for landscape design talents in the market has promoted the fast development of landscape design education in domestic universities, which also brings more opportunities for students to get employed. Some art design colleges are also carrying out the practice of landscape design education actively, while there are still some schools that are running without aims, not only lacking in-depth research but also scientific management of landscape design talents training, curriculum setting, professional discipline development. Afterall, all of these lead to the common phenomenon of uneven levels of professional talents. It is more and more important to research how to cultivate high-quality innovative composite talents that adapt to the development of the new era and to run college landscape design education. Therefore, this paper has carried out relevant investigation and analysis on the current situation of landscape design education in higher art design colleges in China and put forward some reform proposals. Hopefully, it could bring some enlightenment to the development of future landscape design education.


Era of information; China's Higher Art Design Colleges; Landscape Design Education Status; Evaluation; Reform Suggestions