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Sustainability of We-media Based English Learning and Its Users' Docking

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.088


Yuan Yu, Shuang Wang, Yujie Zhang, Chengcheng Xi, Xuejing Yang, Jiaqi Lv and Han Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Yu


Nowadays, the development and popularization of the We-media have been obvious to all. The English learning accounts from the We-media platforms are also emerging. Under the overall vigorous development, the quality of the content is mixed, and the auxiliary learning effects are different. Therefore, it is especially important to study the sustainability and efficiency of this new learning method to develop such accounts and help the English learning users to dock and improve their learning skills. Through questionnaires, data analysis and literature research, this paper will deeply understand the learning status of users from the We-media knowledge learning platform, and conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data obtained at the same time, accurately summarizing the current situation of the user usage. The significance of this paper is to explore the status quo of we-media English learning and propose an optimization solution. It conforms to the “One Belt, One Road” call and globalization strategy, and provides theoretical support for creating a more efficient English learning media platform.


We-media; English learning; Sustainability; Users’ docking