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Demand of Rehabilitation Treatment--- Take G Hospital as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.086


Yibo Zeng

Corresponding Author

Yibo Zeng


With the implementation of China's great health strategy and the acceleration of an aging society, people's rehabilitation awareness and demand are continuously rising. Through investigation, we know the demand factors of people who come to the hospital for rehabilitation treatment or rehabilitation consultation in G hospital, and through 200 people who come to the rehabilitation department of G hospital for consultation or need rehabilitation treatment, we know their demand for rehabilitation as the research object. What factors are needed for these research subjects to receive rehabilitation treatment in hospital? Therefore, the research object of the survey needs psychological rehabilitation, rehabilitation training, rehabilitation nursing, auxiliary devices, rehabilitation assessment and other aspects of rehabilitation needs, explores some of the main needs of rehabilitation needs, and gives corresponding opinions and suggestions according to the analysis of the survey results, providing some help for future rehabilitation development. Interviews were conducted with relevant doctors and nurses in the hospital. Objective To better provide rehabilitation treatment needs and services for the broad masses of the people. In this paper, literature analysis, questionnaire survey and quantitative analysis are used to investigate the research objects of G Hospital's rehabilitation needs, collect relevant data and analyze the results, find out the research objects' demand factors for rehabilitation and put forward some targeted suggestions.


Rehabilitation; Investigation; Rehabilitation Demand