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Construction of Counselor Team in Independent Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.083


Xin Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xin Zhou


University counselor is a very special occupation which labeled with Chinese characteristics. With the dual status of being university teachers and management cadres. Therefore, the counselor is not only responsible for the ideological and political education of college students, but also responsible for the management of daily affairs of college students. Counselors are closely associated with college students day and night, which has a great impact on the growth of college students. It can be said that counselors are more like a mainstay in the team of college talent training. This paper with 25 independent institute of Jiangsu province as a starting point, and through to the independent college in counselor selection, career orientation, professional development, functional responsibilities and assessment of treatment conducted in-depth research to clear orientation and construction idea of counselors, professional standards, organization guarantee and puts forward the path of promoting the sustainable development of independent college counselors team, build a counselor professional development system, promote the counselor career to the "professional, expert" direction, to provide theoretical reference for the construction of college counselor team and decision-making basis.”


College counselors; Team construction; Independent colleges