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Research on Ultrasonic Testing Technology of Bearing Bush of Turbo Generator

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.09


Jian Yin, Yuheng Ning

Corresponding Author

Jian Yin


Various problems of different levels in the ultrasonic testing standards of bearing bush of power station take place at present, which has certain influence on the actual defect judgment. According to the theoretical analysis and practical test results, the technology in this paper has the advantages as follows. First, the defining standards of the frequency and size of the probe used in the test are provided. Second, the adjustment method of sensitivity detection is simple and practical, which can effectively detect the delamination defects. Third, after the clearing up of the defect judgment methods, the paper recommends using the Technology Conditions of Bearing Bush of Turbine Babbitt Metal (JB/T4272-1994, equalling to ISO4386-1:1992) and typical layered waveform provided in the paper to judge the defects. Fourth, the paper provides the quantitative judgement method of defects according to the Nondestructive Testing of Pressure Equipments—Part 3: Ultrasonic Testing (JB/T4730-2005) and specification for MHI bearing bush testing for quantitative analysis of defects. Fifth, the specific testing methods of bearing bush of turbo generator with dovetail are provided in the paper.


Bearing bush, ultrasound, detector, sensitivity, defect judgment, dovetail.