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A Pragmatic Analysis of Arbitrator’s Interruptions in Arbitration Court

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.079


Meiqi Li

Corresponding Author

Meiqi Li


Interruption is one of the important discourse strategies which are frequently used by arbitrator in arbitration court. It is an effective way to help arbitrator control the process of arbitration and maintain order. Based on Cooperative Principle, this study aims to investigate the types, places and pragmatic functions of arbitrator’s interruptions. By analyzing the data collected from real arbitration court with qualitative and quantitative methods, five types and three major places of interruptions are identified. Each type serves different pragmatic functions. This study also finds that Cooperative Principle can be well used in the discourse of arbitration court. Any utterance violated the Cooperative Principle will be interrupted by arbitrator.


Interruption; Cooperative Principle; Arbitration court; Arbitrator; Pragmatic analysis