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Realization of Engineering Practice Education Based on CDIO for Electronic Information Engineering Major

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.077


Hongda Yan and Qin Xu

Corresponding Author

Hongda Yan


Based on the CDIO Engineering Education the training plan to the major of electronic information engineering is formulated which is divided into several stages for implementation and practical teaching reform. With The learning content of relevant courses is organized around projects, the corresponding teaching system is setting up about the curriculum group project and jointly building the laboratories. It is proposed from the aspects of the demand analysis, design, implementation and operation, and takes the period from product development to product operation as the carrier. The curriculum system is actively implemented to realize three levels. The CDIO Engineering Education can improve students' ability of solving system problems and team cooperation, and finally achieve the goal of innovatively completing the project.


CDIO; Electronic Information Engineering; Practical teaching system; Innovation