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Ecological Planning Path of Road Traffic in Chongqing Villages

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.076


Jingyuan Shi and Qiuna Li

Corresponding Author

Jingyuan Shi


This paper takes village road traffic in Chongqing area as the research object to promote the ecology of road traffic planning as the research objective,combined with the village external traffic, internal traffic, road engineering, road materials, road construction, supporting facilities and roadside greening and other 7 major planning elements,respectively put forward "improve the village of foreign traffic", "internal road ecological layout", "ecological function to build road engineering", "road ecological material selection", "road construction ecological conflict resolution", "ecological planning road facilities", "the road greening ecological design", the corresponding ecological optimization path, and carry out analysis.


Chongqing Village; Road Traffic; Ecological Planning; Path