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A Comparative Study of Servant Leadership and other Leadership Styles

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.075


Qian Zhou

Corresponding Author

Qian Zhou


The research on the type of servant leadership has become a frontier topic in the leadership research nowadays, and it is a hot spot in the Western Leadership School in recent years. Servant leadership is a kind of leadership behavior that puts serving others in the first place and voluntarily serves others from the heart. On the basis of studying the relevant literature of Western scholars, this study compares servant leadership with ethical leadership, transformational leadership and paternalistic leadership. Combining the different characteristics of different types of leaders, find out their differences, and quantify them with Multiple Response Cross Table. Finally, some reasonable suggestions are put forward for the management of "servant-type" enterprises.


Servant leadership; Ethical leadership; Transformational leadership; Paternalistic Leadership