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New Care-Pension Model under the Background of the Combination of Medical Care and Pension Based on SWOT Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.074


Xinpei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xinpei Zhang


The aging of China's population has led to a surge of the elderly demand, the problem of providing for the aged is becoming more and more serious, especially the imbalance between supply and demand of our country’s aged service industry has hindered the rapid development of this industry. The traditional care-pension model has been unable to meet the growing demand for pension. Some profit-making enterprises have set foot in the pension industry to create innovative care-pension model. This new industry is still in its infancy, so this paper chooses SWOT to analyze this new care-pension model, and at the same time to analyze the possible problems and put forward suggestions in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the new care-pension model.


High-end retirement community; Care-pension model; The combination of medical care and pension; SWOT