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Literature Review on the Influence of Team Member Voice on Team Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.073


Yunyun Liu

Corresponding Author

Yunyun Liu


With the deepening of economic globalization and diversification, the internal and external environment of the organization is becoming more and more complicated. If an organization wants to have its core competitiveness in a rapidly changing environment, it must constantly innovate. Therefore, promoting innovation performance has become a topic that attracts more and more attention from human resource management researchers and practitioners. Innovation involves the generation of new knowledge and ideas and the process of putting them into practice. Relevant literature shows that voice of team members is an important input factor of team innovation. Based on the current academic research on the relationship between voice and organizational innovation, this paper analyzes the influence mechanism between them,classified and summarized the mediating and moderating variables, revealed the mechanism of their effects, and finally pointed out the future research direction.


Team Member Voice; Team Innovation; Moderating Variable; Mediating Variable