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To See Zou Taofen’s News Spirit of Professionalism from the "Life Weekly"

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.071


Jun Ma

Corresponding Author

Jun Ma


"Life" magazine was founded on October 11th, 1925; Zou Taofen took over as chief editor in October 1926. Zou Taofen compiled the first phase and opened up a "mailbox" column, then continuously enriched the content, revised the layout, and then opened up the "remarks" column, in 1928, the circulation reached 40,000 copies. Zou Taofen put forward to maintaining and protecting the impartial and independent spirit of Articles to serve for the society. He gradually pulled off " Life " as the influential Newsweek. Due to the Zou Taofen’s editor, "Life Weekly " left a glorious page in the history of our country journals. Strong sense of social responsibility and the sense of service embodied in the "Life Weekly", as well as his rich thinking of editing and publishing philosophy, there are still a lot of inspiration to today's news publishing workers.


"Life Weekly "; Zou Taofen; News spirit