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Reconstruction of the Teacher-student Relationship in Chinese Universities in Internet-era

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.070


Hong-ling Guo

Corresponding Author

Hong-ling Guo


The teacher-student relationship is the core of the education process. In internet era, the student-teacher relationship emerged some problems, which seriously affect the growth of college students. This paper investigates and analyzes these problems and its causes in teacher-student relationships in Chinese universities in the Internet era. And the ways to solve theses problem are put forward. The paper thinks education authorities, teachers and students need to make joint efforts to reconstruct the good teacher-student relationships. At first, education authorities should create a education system conducive to improving teacher-student relationship. At second, teachers should attempt to establish a "teacher-student learning community" with the students. At third, teachers and students should make full use of internet technology to build the diversified communication channels.


Teacher-student Relationship; Reconstruction; Internet-era