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Evaluation of Structural Element Weight of CSMIs via Hierarchical Entropy Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.13


Wang Yang, Sun Zhenjia

Corresponding Author

Wang Yang


At present, college students mass incidents (hereinafter referred to as “CSMIs”) is a hot topic of social concern, they will pose great threats to the safety and stability of universities and even the whole society once happened. To study the evolution mechanism and the control principle of CSMIs is important to the security and stability of college. This paper constructed the key structural element indicator system of CSMIs, and evaluated the index weight of each element by using hierarchical entropy analysis. The conclusions will be conducive to the further research on the generative mechanism of CSMIs, and further propose the effective control strategies for CSMIs.


College students mass incidents (CSMIs), AHP method, Entropy technology, Evaluation index.