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Training and Reserve of Basketball Talents in China

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.061


Jingran Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingran Wang


Since 1998, the annual college basketball league has become China's basketball talent pool, but also for the widespread popularity of basketball and cultural development of the foundation. Although our college basketball league has made some achievements, there are still a lot of problems behind the brilliance, especially the way of talent training. This paper will take this question as the starting point, review the development process of college basketball league, deeply study the college basketball training mode, and seek a way to cultivate talents in colleges and universities that matches the system of China's national conditions. In this paper, using the method of literature review, logical analysis and so on, with the Chinese athletic basketball coaches research on human resources development and management for the thesis, based on the problems existing in the cultivation of the colleges and universities in the basketball talent, aims to study the Chinese athletic basketball coaches talent resources development and management, and optimization of Chinese athletic basketball coaches for science talent team construction, improve the comprehensive strength of China's athletic basketball coaches achieve Chinese coaches the sustainable development of human resources, and then for other competitive sports coaches provided a reference for human resources development and management.


Chinese basketball; Personnel training; Reserve cultivation; Logical analysis