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Problems and Countermeasures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of E-commerce Majors in Application-oriented Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.056


Shi Yin and Hailan Pan

Corresponding Author

Shi Yin


The important task of higher education is to educate college students in innovation and entrepreneurship, and to cultivate high-quality talents with innovative, creative and entrepreneurial abilities. In the new era, how to find a characteristic way of running a school for application-oriented undergraduates is not only the need to cultivate qualified educatees, but also the key to the survival and development of application-oriented undergraduates. Through sorting out the problems existing in the innovation and entrepreneurship education of application-oriented undergraduates, this paper puts forward six effective education strategies. At the same time, taking e-commerce as an example, three key problems should be solved.


Application-oriented universities; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; E-commerce