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Translation of Long Sentence in English for Science and Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.052


Linhui Wu and Runtao Li

Corresponding Author

Linhui Wu


The essay aims at how to translate long sentence in English for Science and Technology (Hereafter referred to as EST). The first part of the essay introduces what are the characteristics of long sentence in EST. On that basis, the essay gives further analysis about the qualification that a translator of EST should achieve. The second part is about the translation process for long sentence in EST, which covers two stages to give readers a clear understanding of the problem. The third part gives suggestion on translation methods choosing for long sentence in EST. The above three parts discussed in the essay is a clue for a technical translator to deal with long sentence in EST. In the last part, the essay indicates some important notes in technical long sentence translation which emphasis on equivalence to the original sentence. The total essay gives some examples with analysis followed and also some theories accordingly to support them. The long sentence translation is not an obstacle in EST on the basis of the above-mentioned items.


Translation; Embedding; Reversing; Amplification; Equivalence