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A Brief Analysis of the Effective Application of Power Electronic Devices in Power System

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.06


Gao Xueqian

Corresponding Author

Gao Xueqian


The power electronic device is an integral part of the power system, is directly related to its overall performance, and determines whether the power system can achieve intelligence or not. At the present stage, the power transmission engineers regard the transmission capability of HV AC system as the main concern to ensure stable and reliable operation in power grid. The advantage of the power electronic device is to reduce the uncertainty in the operation of the power system by relying on the DC transmission technology. Based on the simple analysis and introduction of power system and power electronic devices, the application of power electronic devices in power generation, power storage and transmission links is discussed in detail so as to ensure the overall operation quality and efficiency of power system in practice.


Power system, power electronic device, power storage, transmission link.