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Teaching Evaluation Based on Project Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.048


Han Feng and Dongmei Wang

Corresponding Author

Han Feng


Project-based learning is based on the real world problems, through the organization of study groups, students with the help of information technology and a variety of resources development and exploration activities, in a certain period of time to solve a series of interrelated problems, and the research results in a certain form of release. Project learning related research in recent years has had a significant influence in the field of education in our country, but there is no form a teaching quality evaluation system to project learning, quite a number of project learning practice still adopts the traditional teaching evaluation, the method of establishing the project type teaching evaluation system has become a project learning and in-depth development of the key factors. It is very important to establish the combination of process and result, and to pay attention to students' attitude, emotion and values. This paper mainly studies project-based learning and its teaching evaluation.


Project-based learning; Teaching evaluation