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Design of Body Dance Course for Female College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.046


Jialin Sun

Corresponding Author

Jialin Sun


Body dance is a physical education course to cultivate students'comprehensive quality, and it is one of the physical education courses for undergraduate majors in Colleges and universities according to the need of quality education. In recent years, body dance, as a new form of physical education curriculum, is attracting female college students with its own fitness value and unique artistic charm. By participating in the study of body dance, female college students will be helpful to acquire good physical quality, form appropriate body posture and develop. Positive mental outlook, shaping elegant behavior, enhance noble and elegant temperament. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explore the improvement of the quality of dance course for female college students on the basis of the theory of dance course design, and to analyze the problems and solutions in the course of course practice. This paper will adopt the research method of concrete analysis of specific problems to make data comparison and draw conclusions. The results of this study show that the teaching of teaching courses must keep up with the changes of the times and the needs of students and carry out continuous reforms in order to effectively improve the teaching effect and cultivate more outstanding talents in line with the social requirements. Therefore, curriculum designers should understand the characteristics and difficulties of organizational implementation principles and evaluation methods, constantly sum up experience, actively improve and renovate curriculum design practice, and jointly enhance the timeliness of body dance curriculum.


Body Dance; Curriculum Design; Teaching Mode; College Students