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How does Graphic Design Satisfy Consumer Preference in Commercial Society

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.043


Qin Meng

Corresponding Author

Qin Meng


Different people have different preferences about beauty, beauty itself has no standard, and different things are loved by different people. Therefore, there is not a clear and highly discerning judgment standard on what kind of design work is a good design work. Perhaps there is no such thing as a standard in art itself. However, in the free market, consumers have chosen the answer through their currency votes: those designs with a larger market share may be better design works .However, some graphic designers find it difficult to accept the market share standard to judge the quality of design works, because these best-selling design works often do not conform to the artistic beauty advocated by the design art theory. But what is a better artistic beauty is also an extremely subjective personal value judgment. When graphic design is applied to commercial society, the first thing is to satisfy consumers' preferences. How do graphic designers reconcile artistic beauty with customer needs? How can design art theory be effectively combined with consumer preferences? It is a problem that professional designers often encounter and need to think about in their work.


Graphic design; Consumer preference; Commercial society