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Art Nourishes the Design- the Application of Chinese Calligraphy Art in the Modern Logo Design

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.039


Xiangshuai Li and Jingwen Shan

Corresponding Author

Xiangshuai Li


As a Chinese traditional art form with thousands of brilliant cultures, Chinese calligraphy art is an important part of Chinese traditional culture; as a modern logo design with only a few decades of history, we should absorb the creative techniques and humanistic, artistic spirit and cultural connotation of Chinese calligraphy art in innovation, and create it. At the same time, we should carry forward the Chinese calligraphy art and combine traditional Chinese culture with modern design closely. By analyzing the artistry of Chinese calligraphy and its relationship with modern logo design, this paper explores the application methods and paths of Chinese calligraphy art in modern logo design.


Chinese calligraphy art; The modern logo design; Nourishes