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Research on the Construction of Localized Course Teaching System of Mechatronics Major in High Vocational Colleges Based on German AHK Graduation Examination

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.038


Guiyin Chen

Corresponding Author

Guiyin Chen


Through understanding the process of organizing the AHK graduation examination, this paper focuses on the analysis of the connotation of the AHK examination, and constructs a localized course teaching system of the mechatronics major in high vocational colleges based on the German AHK graduation examination, which has strong practicability and conforms to China's national conditions. After practice, the students who are cultivated are welcomed by enterprises and have a strong sense of self-identity. On the one hand, the AHK examination with vocational action ability as the core promotes the improvement of students' comprehensive vocational quality. While improving their practical skills, they have obtained corresponding vocational qualification certificates, obtained employment skills and improved their ability. On the other hand, it also promotes the improvement of teachers' teaching methods, attaches importance to the cultivation of vocational ability, and stimulates students' learning motivation and interest. Therefore, a win-win situation among students, schools and enterprises is formed.


AHK graduation examination; Mechatronics major; Localization; Course teaching system