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Study on the Inheritance and Translation of “Guanxue Thoughts” under the Background of “Belt and Road”

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.034


Xiuling Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiuling Liu


In recent years, the research on the interpretation of “Guanxue Thoughts” from the perspective of philosophy is fruitful, but from the perspective of translation, the research results of interpration and translation on “Guanxue Thoughts” in the context of “Belt and Road” and are relatively less. Under the background of “Belt and Road”, the “Guanxue Thoughts” can be interpreted as cooperation and win-win, benefiting the people, harmonious symbiosis, and the world with supreme harmony. The translation model of internationalization includes the translation subject, content, audience, methods, effects, etc.


Belt and Road; Guanxue Thoughts; Inheritance; Translation