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On the Application and Practice of Intelligent Classroom in Tourism Management Major

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.028


Yuanchun Huang

Corresponding Author

Yuanchun Huang


This paper takes the cultivation of students' intelligence growth as its value orientation and tourism management teaching as its research and application field. Aiming at the problems of students' disagreement with learning content, lack of individuation in learning process and backward subject support tools, the paper studies and designs the methods and realization ways of constructing intelligent classroom. Make full use of the computer, multimedia and network communications in the educational process, to promote the teaching quality, training the students to adapt to the new requirements of the information society. By using ICT in education to promote the modernization of education is the strategic choice of education reform and development in China. Interim-Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan(2010-2020) made speeding up ICT in education of development process as an important guarantee for achieving future objectives of education reform and development, the ICT in education of Decade Development Plan defined the next decade, Chinese development goals and planning of ICT in education. ICT in education of "Thirteen Five development plan' further emphasized the deve4lopment tasks and priorities of all types of development and application of ICT in education, Chinese provinces , municipalities and regions have developed ICT in education "Thirteen Five Year Plan" to promote the efficient development of ICT in education. Mankind is the only life who needs education, In the meanwhile, mankind has a lot of undeveloped potentials, so a person will be a person only by accepting education. According to the requirements of the times, talents schools cultivate not only have plenty of knowledge, but also have the habit and ability of lifelong learning in order to adapt changing surroundings. In other words, students must cultivate their wisdom so that they could study, work and live a life now and in the future. Only education with wisdom can cultivate wisdom persons, and only teaching with wisdom can construct intelligent classroom.


Intelligent Classroom; Tourism Management Major; Teaching Wisdom