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Evaluation of Innovation Efficiency in Shibaolang Comprehensive Innovation Reform Pilot Zone

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.027


Xiaowei Zhang, Shuke Wu and Limin Jin

Corresponding Author

Xiaowei Zhang


Based on the background of hebei province, this paper calculates the innovation input-output efficiency of shibaolong city with DEA method,combine with the input and output base of shibaolang innovation and the average annual growth rate, this paper analyzes the comprehensive innovation situation in the three cities of shibaolang, and puts forward Suggestions on the development of innovation efficiency in shibaolang comprehensive innovation reform pilot area. At present, the national level and local provinces and cities are vigorously promoting innovation and reform experiments. The national leading group for deepening reform, headed by general secretary xi jinping, has vigorously advanced the top-level design of innovation and reform, introduced a series of national innovation and reform policies, and vigorously implemented the innovation-driven development strategy. In July 2016, the national development and reform commission and the ministry of science and technology approved The Comprehensive Innovation Reform Plan for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region System and The Comprehensive Innovation Reform Test Plan for Shibaolang Region. For comprehensive innovation reform test work for further systematic research, is to deepen the reform of the science and technology system in our province and to strengthen the regional innovation a major step, is a big opportunity for regional development, to implement the development strategy of innovation drive, for innovation to promote structural reform and further optimizes the supply side structure play a crucial role. This paper will evaluate the innovation efficiency of shibaolang from the perspective of innovation efficiency, hoping to play a certain reference role in the construction of the three comprehensive innovation and reform experimental areas in shibaolang. Jiang haitao (2017) studied the current development situation of deyang regional scientific and technological innovation mechanism under the background of full innovation zone, analyzed the existing problems and reasons in the development process, and put forward effective suggestions and countermeasures. Tu yun (2017) used DEA method to evaluate and analyze the innovation efficiency of 21 cities, states and four provincial comprehensive innovation reform pilot zones in Sichuan province. Shi Xiusong, Zhao Shudong and Wu Fuxiang (2009) measured the innovation efficiency of Chinese provincial regions and analyzed their spatial differences. The results showed that the overall level of regional innovation efficiency in China was not high and the regional differences were obvious. Ye Dan and Huang Qinghua (2017) used the DEA-Malmquis method to calculate the innovation efficiency of high-tech industries in 28 provinces and cities of China in 10 years, and analyzed the impact of innovation environment on the innovation efficiency of high-tech industries. Liu hongjiu, liu qingyang, Hu Yanrong, Dai Dan (2018) studied the innovation efficiency and spatial distribution characteristics of 11 cities in Zhejiang province. And put forward the relevant Suggestions and measures to improve the innovation efficiency. This paper comprehensively evaluates the regional innovation efficiency of jiangsu province from the static and dynamic perspectives and analyzes the reasons for the improvement of provincial regional innovation efficiency.


Innovation and reform pilot zone; DEA method; Regional innovation efficiency