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Reflections on the Teaching of Creating First-rate Courses in Private Colleges and Universities under the Background of New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.019


Shuai Yang, Yuzhen Zhao and Yang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yuzhen Zhao


At present, returning to undergraduate education has become a world-class university joint education concept and action program. Undergraduate study is a key period for the formation of college students' outlook on life, world outlook and values. It is also a golden period for them to consolidate theoretical knowledge and improve their basic ability. Undergraduate education is not only the largest in higher education, but also an important foundation for graduate education. If undergraduate education is not up to standard, there will be a series of negative problems. Therefore, continuously improve the quality of classroom teaching, eliminate the lack of challenging degrees, no innovative courses, and create a first-rate curriculum with a level. It is the cornerstone and important starting point for colleges and universities to establish a first-rate undergraduate education.


Undergraduate Education; Challenge; Iinnovation; First-rate curriculum