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Innovative Reform of Interior Art Design in Education

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.017


Hui Li

Corresponding Author

Hui Li


The basic connotation of design culture is composed of comprehensive cultural form, life style and design style. By analyzing the problems existing in the teaching of interior design major in Colleges and universities in China, this paper puts forward the reform and innovation that interior art design can try in education, that is, to improve the students'ability of combining theory with practice through the reform of teaching mode. Through the innovation of teaching form, on the one hand, to cultivate students'interest in learning, on the other hand, to meet the needs of the society for the professional talents, to put forward new thinking for the sustainable development of interior art design. Students should improve their own cultural quality, grasp the historical development of design, be familiar with the design style, skillfully use several morphological factors of interior art design, and accurately grasp the design style of the times, national style and product style, and add innovation, so as to improve the design practice.


Interior Art Design; Education; Innovative Reform